Words are powerful.
Words can create or tear down. Words can be intricate or simple.Β We can combine words in different ways to express and to teach.

Language is a powerful thing.

In fact, this blog started as a bible study. You can read about that here. I like catchy and clever names. When naming that study and this blog it just came together perfectly. It involved women getting together, drinking some wine and sharing their words. God has a whole bunch of words wrapped up neatly for us in that little thing called the bible. Let’s use that as a tool, shall we?

I’m excited to share things learned from other women and from the word…things that inspire, provoke thought or call for conversation. From verses to quotes to thoughts and dreams, I hope you enjoy soaking up these words and never stop learning.

Whether it’s literature, reading, writing, blogging, texting, talking, singing, teaching…words are POWERFUL. And they are something to be shared.

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